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Import Wells Fargo Payroll Details To QuickBooks

import wells fargi payroll details to quickbooks

The term “Wells Fargo” is using a technology called “Web Connect”. This technology automatically starts QuickBooks as well as automatically matches any transaction that you already have entered into your register. QuickBooks uploads up to 90 days of transactions when you connect your account for the first time.

However, if you want to have more than 90 days of transactions, you can use the Web Connect feature. You’ll need to manually upload the transactions into QuickBooks after downloading them from your financial institution. This blog post tells you how to import Wells Fargo payroll details to QuickBooks.

Important pointers must be considered

  1. Before importing any file like IIF, QBO, QBJ file into QuickBooks, make sure that you backup your company data file.
  2. To do backup of the QB company file, 
    • Click the File >>> Backup Company >>> Create Local Backup
    • Next, select the “Local Backup” and then click “Next” 
    • Click on the “Save it Now” or “Save it Now” and then schedule future backups
    • It is important to backup just before import 
    • You’ll see that it takes just a couple of minutes but it saves you a great time, if something went wrong and then click “Next” 
    • And this is backup file and then click “Save” 
    • With backup completion, you’ll get done! 
    • QuickBooks has saved a backup of the company file to the Documents folder and then click “Ok” 
    • If something goes wrong with the IIF file and then you can easily roll it backup 
    • Also ensure that QuickBooks has accounts and vendors already created before importing IIF file
  3. The IIF file is a simple text file with the Tab corrector separating all columns. You may readily review it with any text editor, such as Notepad, the default Windows editor.
  4. Check that you are importing the correct file and that the dates and account names are correct when you review it.
  5. When you import a file for the Wells Fargo account means Wells Fargo transactions. The Deposit, which is the Vendor Name, should have been altered, but it was not in this case.
  6. You should have vendor deposit, Wells Fargo account, account Consulting Income, account Office Supplies, and account Payroll Expenses, vendor check, vendor home depot, vendor ADP.

Let’s explore the process to import Wells Fargo payroll details to QuickBooks

  • Go back to the QuickBooks before you import an IIF file 
  • You have ADP TX/Finci Svk ADP, Check, Deposit, Home Depot
  • Next, click Lists >>> Chart of Accounts and you have Wells Fargo, Consulting Income, Office Supplies, and Payroll Expenses
  • Now, import an IIF file, go to the File menu >>>> Utilities >>>> Import >>> > IIF Files 
  • Make sure QuickBooks close all windows to import IIF file and then click “Ok” 
  • Once done then click “Import IIF” file 
  • You have IIF files and you can easily choose any of them (That’s why it is mandatory to have backup)
  • So, even if a third-party tool created a file perfectly, but you unintentionally imported the wrong file, you may immediately restore it from backup
  • After that, click the “Open” button
  • And then hit the button “Proceed” 
  • You will get a message to click “Review Now” and then select the “Notepad” 
  • You can see all the transactions are imported well.

Now, let’s import the transactions that are remaining or not imported for the first time

  • Again, go backup to the QuickBooks and close the tab called “File partially imported”
  • Move to the Lists >>> Charts of Accounts >>> Wells Fargo 
  • You have all the transactions imported well 
  • Now,  create a new Expense Account by clicking on the Account >>> New 
  • Select “Expense” and click then “Continue” button 
  • After that, select the Account Name >>> Expenses and then hit the “Save & Close” button 
  • In this case, you have several options
  • First option: you can also go back to the original file and make changes
  • Then, restore it  under Backup section
  • Click ‘File’ >> ‘Back Up Company’ >> ‘Restore Previous Local Backup’ and select file
  • If you like, you can then correct your entire file in a text editor
  • Second option: if the account name is incorrect, you can correct it in the text editor and save the file
  • Then import this file once more, and you’ll have an example bank statement 0501101017 that you don’t have to do anything with
  • Simply click on the File >>>> Utilities >>>> Import >>>> IIF Files 
  • QuickBooks must close all the windows to import the IIF file and then click Ok
  • Again, click Ok and then hit “Import IIF” 
  • Select an appropriate account that was created by QB for you and then click on the “Open” tab 
  • Finally, Done! And you have successfully completed the left transactions that were not imported previously. 


With the help of above discussed steps, you can easily import Wells Fargo payroll details to QuickBooks. This import also helps you to stay more organized and track business insights with ease.

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