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QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033

Quickbooks Payroll Error PS033
QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033

What is Error Code PS033 in Quickbooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033 is due to the damaged file in the CPS folder. Troubleshoot by renaming the CPS folder of QuickBooks, then restart your system in safe mode. In safe mode first, verify and rebuild data and after that, update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release. Restart in safe mode to continue to update QuickBooks payroll. Get back to normal mode by restarting your system.

  • Error: QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033
  • Error Message: “QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files. [Error PS033]”

A common payroll update error is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033, which indicates that the file in the CPS folder is corrupt or might get damaged. This mistake often leads to failure to download the new payroll updates and the customer is therefore unable to access the company file. Stay tuned to this article to explore more about it.

QuickBooks Payroll services are very beneficial to all types of businesses that usually use them for their employees. This makes it very easy for those who own small and medium-sized businesses to pay their employees without having to get into much hassle. Though, it is a user-friendly module that is included with accounting software and offers a variety of additional features. However, QuickBooks payroll encounters several issues, one of which is QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033, which is commonly caused by a corrupted file in the CPS folder. The user finds it difficult to download the most recent payroll changes as a result of this problem and is unable to open the company file as a result. This blog is going to solve this error in a detailed manner and thus read this blog till the end to get aware of everything about the error.

Error PS033 -QuickBooks Can’t Read Payroll Setup Files

Error PS033 means that Can’t Read Payroll Setup Files, your payroll may not be completely installed due to any communication error with the internet or configuration error. Any error like this may cause so much trouble and sometimes it can even lead to the loss of your data or some vital information.

It is always suggested that you take precautionary measures, in case you have encountered the same message again, you at least know what steps you have to take to resolve such errors. Even users can explore more QuickBooks Upgrade Errors and issues in detail.


About QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033

Error Code:Error Ps033Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files or Error PS033 is caused by a damaged file in the CPS folder.Software:QuickBooks
Cause:Non-activation of the Payroll Subscription, Damaged ini QuickBooks Desktop FileApplies to:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Symptom:program window crashes, Windows runs slow and reacts gradually to the keyboard and mouse inputs.Possible Solution:Download the latest payroll tax table, Update the QuickBooks Desktop Application

How Can QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033 be Caused?

There are various reasons cause of the Error Code PS033 which you may understand completely or sometimes it may be very technical that you need our assistance. For such technical problems, you will need our help.

  • Damaged tax tables or Invalid tax tables – It usually happens when you are trying to save a file or a table and because of any improper extension, that it is taking. Your file gets damaged or invalid.
  • Any Business File Gets Corrupt – It usually occurs when your file gets affected by any virus or malware and corrupts the file. It may also occur when your QuickBooks is integrated with any third-party software.
  • Incomplete or Incorrect Billing Details – Any Wrong entry (s) or incorrect information or data may lead to the malfunction of the software.
  • Using Any Unregistered Software – Unregistered software or free download comes with so many restrictions and obstructed feature (s), whereas if you buy or pay for any customized product. It provides your full access to all the features. Free downloaded software or unregistered software may lead to this error.
    • Payroll subscription might get deactivated 
    • You might be using an incorrect service key
    • It is also possible that your QuickBooks data must have corrupted or damaged 
    • The Employer Identification Number (EIN) might be invalid or not correct in your QuickBooks company file 
    • PSID is not correct or may be invalid in your company file 
    • QuickBooks may not be in proper use or also have payment-related issues
    • It can also be possible when you have not applied to the latest product update 
    • Your QuickBooks Desktop is not compatible with the latest Windows release update.

These are certain points, negligence of which may lead to PS033 Error. There can be various other reasons that can cause this error. Understanding the right cause and trying to get it solved is highly recommended. You may also need our technical support.

How Can QuickBooks Payroll PS033 Error be Fixed?

  • Restart your system and start again QuickBooks.
  • Take data backup.
  • Open your QuickBooks update and then check. If updates are available, go for it.
  • Once you are done with the above step. Reset QuickBooks desktop updates.
  • UAC should be turned off before troubleshooting. Once you are done with troubleshooting. Turn on UAC.

Solutions that can be done to resolve the error PS033 in detail are as follows:-

1. Method One: Run Verify & Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop

To resolve the QB payroll error PS033, you need to follow mentioned below steps of solution one. This solution mainly involves 3 steps:

Total Time: 21 minutes

  1. Verify Data

    verify data to resolve quickbooks error ps033

    💠 Initially, select the Windows and then Close All option 
    💠 Next, you need to verify data by choosing File >>> Utilities >>> Verify Data
    💠 Now, if you find:
    —🔹 “QuickBooks detected no problems with your data”, no further action is needed 
    —🔹 “Your data has lost integrity”, means that the file contains data loss. To fix the issue, follow the steps below to Rebuild Data
    —🔹 There might already be an article for it, a particular error message. Try looking for detailed guidance on our QuickBooks Desktop support platform.

  2. Rebuild Data

    Rebuild data to resolve quickbooks payroll error ps033

    💠 Go to the File >> Utilities >> Rebuild Data
    💠 Next, you’ll receive a warning message for backup your company file, and then click Ok 
    💠 A rebuild needs a backup of your company file ahead of time because sometimes, you may need to delete the transactions or list of entries in order to fix the file issue 
    💠 Backup of your company file assures you that you have a secured a copy of the company file before you start making any changes to it 
    💠 Now, choose the location of your desktop to save created company backup file 
    —🔹 If a message prompts you to replace another backup file then select No 
    —🔹 Enter a new name within the field of the File name and then click Save 
    —🔹 In case, if the backup fails then pick the Cancel option at the rebuild prompt 
    💠 Once the backup is completed then the Rebuild Data will start 
    💠 When you receive a notification message stating “Rebuild has successfully completed”

  3. Check for The Remaining Data Damage

    Check for the remaining data damage to resolve quickbooks payroll error ps033

    💠 Again, you have to run the Verify Data to check for the remaining data damage 
    💠 To do so, go to the File menu >> Utilities >> Verify Data
    💠 If the Verify identifies any additional damage that means the damage requires to correct manually 
    💠 Locate the error in the qbwin.log and look for resolution 
    💠 If no error is found then you can try to restore a recent backup by choosing the File >> Restore option.

    Important Note: Make sure that you don’t overwrite existing company files.

2. Method Two: Download the Payroll Tax Table in your QuickBooks Account 

Download the Payroll Tax Table in your QuickBooks Account 
  • First, open the QuickBooks account 
  • Move to the Employees 
  • Then further click on the Get Payroll Updates option 
  • Now, click on the Download entire payroll update 
  • Click on the button Update to get the update in your system 
  • You get the update successfully. 

3. Method Three: Rename the CPS Folder of QuickBooks 

Rename the CPS Folder of QuickBooks
  • To rename it, you have to go to the path C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 20QQ\ Components\Payroll\CPS

Where XX is the version of your software like 2020, 2019, etc

  • Now, you have to right-click on the CPS folder 
  • Then select the Rename option 
  • Now, write the OLD at the end of the name to change it 
  • After that, update the QuickBooks payroll tax table.

4. Method Four: Disable the UAC 

  • In your system, open the Run window 
  • Then type the Control Panel and open it 
  • You can also directly open the Control Panel 
  • In the Control Panel window, open the User Accounts option 
  • Then click on the Change User Account settings 
Disable the UAC
  • If windows pops up then click on the Yes button or Continue in your next step
  • Now, you have to move the slider to Never Notify and then again click on the Ok button 
  • At last, restart your system and check whether the issue is resolved or not. 

5. Method Five: Update your QuickBooks Desktop with the latest release 

This is the last but not the least solution, in case you’re unable to resolve the QuickBooks Payroll error PS033 then you can perform the below-provided steps:

  • The very first, close your QuickBooks along with the company files 
  • Next, go to the Windows Start menu and type QuickBooks Desktop in the appeared search bar 
  • Now, perform the right-click on the QB icon and select “Run as an Administrator” 
  • After that, go to the No Company file option and then press the F2 key from your console 
  • Once you’re done then go to the Help menu and click the “Update QuickBooks” tab
Update your QuickBooks Desktop with the latest release
  • Select the “Mark All” option and then click Save 
  • Now, click the “Update Now” tab and then select the checkbox named “Reset Update” >> Get Updates
Update your QuickBooks Desktop with the latest release Screenshot
  • Wait a few minutes to end this process of the latest updates 
  • Close and open the process once again then press Ok in order to install the updates 
  • At last, restart your system in Safe mode and attempt once again to update the QuickBooks Payroll Tax Table.


  1. Can the restarting of the system and software resolve the issue?

    Sometimes this method resolves the issue that you are facing so at very first you can try by restarting your system and QuickBooks software. But if the errors still persist then go with the dedicated solution.

  2. How do verify the data process?

    💠You have to choose the Window and then click on the Close all
    💠Click on the File menu then choose Utilities and further click on the Verify Data option
    🔵 Now if you get the message of a specified error then go for the solution for that error
    🔵 If you get the message “QuickBooks don’t have any issue with your account data” then you don’t have to do anything
    🔵 If you get the message “Your data lost the integrity”. This means that there is an issue in your data file so you have to rebuild the data to resolve the issue.

  3. Can the restart of my system help me to rectify the QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033?

    Restarting the system might help you to get rid of this error when you encounter it for the very first time. In case, the error is not resolved by restarting your system then you need to perform the dedicated solutions.

  4. How do we get to know QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033 occurs?

    When users encounter this error they receive an error message “PS033 Error: QuickBooks can’t read your payroll setup files”.

  5. What are the steps for verifying the data process?

    Initially, select the Window then hit the Close All option. Next, go to the File menu and select Utilities >> Verify Data. If you received a specified message for an error then go for a particular solution for that error code. But in case, you receive a message that indicates (QuickBooks doesn’t have any issue with your account data” then you need not do anything further. But in case, you receive a message indicating that “Your data lost the integrity” it means that there is a problem with your data file so you have to rebuild the data to rectify the problem.

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