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QuickBooks Payroll Timesheet Import

QuickBooks Payroll Timesheet Import

The timesheets feature in QuickBooks can shorten the process of entering employee time, especially if that time is billable to a customer. You can even use timesheets to create paychecks and customer invoices. Moreover, Timesheets can be imported from a variety of sources including CSV file formats as well as direct import.

To import timesheets, make sure that the timesheet service is enabled within the Timesheet service page under the Payroll Settings. From there you’ll be able to enable timesheets and configure providers. Let’s explore the complete process for QuickBooks Payroll Timesheet Import in this particular blog. 

Importing Timesheets

  • To start the timesheet process, you have to go to the Payroll Dashboard and select the Manage Employees >>> Import Timesheets
  • From the drop-down, choose the timesheets source
  • To import the Timesheets that you have created in QuickBooks and select “QuickBooks”. 

Custom File Upload

Timesheets can be imported from CSV files using this timesheet import tool. The file format isn’t set in stone; most timesheet formats can be imported as long as the following conditions are met:

  • CSV (comma separated value) or TSV (tab separated value) format is required.
  • Each line of the timesheet can only have one entry.
  • At a bare minimum, each timesheet line must contain the following information:
    • Start/End date/time or Date + Units
    • Employee 

To upload, select the file

  • After the file has been uploaded then you’re able to “Set the date format” of the file 
  • In the next screen, configure the type of data for every column 
  • A preview of the first few lines of each column is shown to help in the column matching 
  • The next step is to start importing after the columns have been mapped
  • It is possible to replace timesheets that were previously imported with new ones (for example, if there were errors in the previous import)
  • Note: Timesheets may not be replaced if they are included in a pay run
  • The final option is to decide whether the timesheets should be automatically authorized or if they should go through the usual timesheet approval process
  • To begin the procedure, click Import
  • If any issues were found throughout the timesheet import process, they will be displayed. The file may be re-uploaded, the columns could be re-configured, and the import could be re-tried
  • If the import is successful, the file’s format can be preserved and reused at a later time, eliminating the need to map the column types each time
  • Simply click the ‘save the file format’ link, name the format, and save it.

Import Timesheet format 

All the formats of timesheets are very simple to import. However, they can be expanded upon due to the timesheet importer’s flexibility.


Timesheets can be generated straight from the integrated employee rostering module using the Roster import option. There are several alternatives for filtering the roster entries to minimize the number of timesheets that are created.

Filtering can be done in a variety of ways, including:

  • Date Range 
  • One or more locations: It will filter on the location of the roster record.
  • Pay Schedule: Filter to employees with a matching default pay schedule. 

The “Approve timesheets” option lets you choose whether timesheets are automatically approved or if they need to go through the regular approval process. To get started, click Import. You will be given the choice to import more timesheets or move to the timesheet approval area once the procedure is complete.


Hopefully, the above QuickBooks Payroll Timesheet Import process is simple to understand and helps you in easy importing. For more queries, you can reach out to QuickBooks Professionals. Meanwhile, you can use Live Chat options or visit payroll.accountingerrors.comm to get more information about QuickBooks Payroll and its related import/export process. 

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